UI Design for ADVGame


ADVGame is a CPA-platform for online games promotion. The service combines interests of advertisers and web-developers.

The objective

Update the elements of visual communication with web-developers and advertisers.


UI design for ADVGame


Current interface and analytics of the user experience helped to prototype the personal account. At this stage there are quite a few subtle aspects such as usability and understanding of how the platform works.


Offer catalogue. The user enters the offer catalogue and chooses an offer.
Offer description. The user switches to the page of the selected offer. They go through the rates, indicators, description.
The user looks through available advertising materials and makes the decision to join an offer.
Form for adding a new element in the Source section.
Review of the added sources.



When prototyping, we emphasized the process of the importance distribution among the blocks on the personal account pages of the web-developer and advertiser.

Now our goal is to create a user-friendly design based on the prototypes, and at the same time take a closer look at the use cases.

Here is an example of a dashboard redesign:


Dashboard redesign - ADVgame


  • The website menu moved to the left sidebar. This option is widespread and convenient to use when working with platforms and services, in the long run you can add new website sections here.
  • Main statistics is now displayed in the graphic form. It is comfortable to monitor the changes in the indicators and analyze your work.
  • The financial block remained unchanged in the logical sense, since the analytics showed that its current position satisfies the users.
  • Manager data moved to the left sidebar in the menu. This is important information that the users may need any moment to resolve questions that have to do with the service. If there is a personal manager, they should help and make sure that the user generates profit not only for themselves but also for the company.
  • Main indicators block now has a function that helps to monitor growth trends (in %) of a specific indicator.

Here are a few more pages from the web-developer personal account:


Offer catalogue. Open sorting by parameters
Offer catalogue. Inner page with description
Statistics by days
Statistics by conversion
Statistics by days. Modal window of the offer


In the end we have improved and updated the design of the personal account interface for web-developers and advertisers.


Home page
User profile
Technical support. Expanded menu, new ticket
Technical support. Ticket, resolved issue
Component blocks
Component blocks


Project team

  • Max


  • Eugene

    Project manager

  • Evgenia


  • Anton


  • Ekaterina


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