Interface Development for a CPA-Platform “Where’s the Elephant?”


Where’s the elephant?” is a partner network for eCommerce-traffic. The platform brings together advertisers and partners and provides financial and informational cooperation of the parties.


Update design of the personal account and improve user interface.


Interface development for “Where’s the elephant?”

Personal account interface

Working on the interface of the personal account came with a limitation of not being able to change the data structure. Therefore, we focused more on the design updating and improving convenience of using the system.

We used the existing user’s personal account as a functional prototype.

For example, web-master’s account includes more than 10 tools for organization of sales and analysis of their efficiency. The data is presented in the form of different tables with filters; there is possibility of forming individual links, setting the traffic tracking parameters and many other things.


Old interface. Deep-links section
Old interface. List of advertisers

We have work on every section: described the value, broke it all down to the components, determined the necessary set of state.

We formed a separate list with existing barriers and discrepancies between user’s actions and the interface.

Technical support specialists from “Where’s the elephant?” were of great help. They described how the platform works in a very patient and painstaking way.


Personal account tool Deep-links
List of advertisers in the web-master’s personal account
Information about advertiser
Color and text
Check boxes. Fields and forms


A team of 7 designers engaged in the project. The desktop version alone took more than 100 developed layouts for the personal account.

As a result, we have successfully updated the design of the personal account and improved user interface.


Ready report
XML-exports. New rollout on the advertiser
XML-exports. API
XML-exports. List
Domain parking

Project team

  • Max


  • Evgenia


  • Artyom


  • Dinara


  • Vera

    Project manager

  • Anton


  • Ekaterina


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