PIK HRM Interface Design


PIK group is the largest Russian real estate development and building company.

PIK-Project is a company that deals with architectural and engineering-technical development for GK PIK.


Develop interfaces for HRM service - human resources performance monitoring systems in PIK-Project units.

About service

Now PIK-Project is a geographically distributed team, absolutely all employees work remotely. In total, the company employs over 1700 people.

The main purpose of HRM is to provide access to data on personal performance, time spent and the time spent on tasks. The service is designed for all PIK-Project employees. Additional modules are available for managers, such as dashboard with unit performance indicators.


The dashboard displays basic information about employees: number, departments, productivity, distribution by type.

We have supplemented the classic widgets with a rating of employees: brought the top 5 most and least effective.

User card

The client offered to present the user card in detail: the page should take into account the time from different time-trackers and display the activity of the employee.

We have divided the main part of the page into two sections. The first section includes general statistics on time: project time, off-project time, meeting time and the number of lost hours.


The second section contains detailed information about working in the grouping by day.

The page also contains a brief summary of the number of projects and tasks of the employee, his BIM rating and experience.

By analyzing this data, the manager can correctly evaluate the employee's efficiency and his contribution to the work on projects.


It was important for managers to understand what requests the employee leaves in the helpdesk, as these questions reflect the competence of the specialist.

We have included this section in our user card. If an employee has left any request, it will be displayed in the "Requests" tab and the manager will be able to view it.


General list of employees

The page includes information about in-house specialists and employees of legal entities. The list can be filtered by parameters and searched by name or department.



Project team

  • Vsevolod

    Project manager

  • Eugene

    Project manager

  • Artyom


  • Yulia Bibiksarova

    Product manager

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