Powerlay – Development and Design of Interfaces


Powerlay is a service that allows saving time when forming cost estimates for digital agencies and freelancers.


Create a convenient service for project budget calculations.


Our agency often has to calculate cost estimates when working with clients. We used to use Google tables and MS Excel for that, and it was quite resources consuming and was not flexible.

Enough is enough! It’s time we developed it ourselves

We got down to work.


When developing, we relied on the key feature of the service – convenience of using it. The service must be easy to understand for both project managers and ordinary freelancers.

The main advantage is the export of cost estimates via a link that you can easily send to clients, as well as formation and storage of all cost estimates in one place.


We have developed a convenient interface that will facilitate the work of both project managers and executives of IT-companies and studios.

The service turned out to be so cool that we decided to share the product with our fellow tradesmen.


Start of working with the service
Cost estimates
New entity
Cost estimate formation
Completed cost estimate
Example of a completed cost estimate

Project team

  • Eugene

    Project manager

  • Ivan

    Art director, designer

  • Azamat

    Backend developer

  • Alyona

    Frontend developer

  • Max

    Frontend developer

  • Anton

    Frontend developer

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