Interface Development for EL-Market


EL-Market is an insurance aggregator that allows you to compare and buy insurance products online.

Service is designed for both business and ordinary users who want to work online, namely:

  • insurance agents;
  • agency networks;
  • small, medium and large businesses.

We developed a website and a personal account interface for El-Market. In this case we will talk about the interface.

Interface development for EL-Market

About the project

The client was concerned that users could not immediately understand how to use the personal account, and in some sections of the service they did not enter at all. Also, they didn't want to apply for insurance products other than MTPL (motor third-party liability insurance).

We outlined a work plan — it was decided to step by step, starting with the most important sections of the service. In order to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the personal account, we decided to organize user interviews.


Before starting the work, we conducted a usability audit of the current interface and proposed a number of changes that should be reflected in the interface redesign.

Usability audit
Usability audit
Usability audit

In addition to the usability audit, we interviewed users of the service, which allowed us to identify new points for improvement.

It was hard to figure out from the get-go what kind of things users were unhappy with. We decided to interview real agents and ask them about how they use the platform: in what conditions, how they interact with this or that section/page and even a function. 

Then, we collected a user journey map for each respondent, revealing the positive and negative aspects of the user experience and their expectations of the service.

User journey map

We redesigned the profile page based on the data we received. 

Profile page

Also redesigned the news page in the form of tiles.

News page

Navigation and statistics pages were restructured too.

Statistics page

Separately, we developed a tablet and mobile version of the design.

We also prepared a design system — a set of components that allows you to scale the work and synchronize the design with the code.

Design system


To redesign the interface, we had to fully explore the logic of the service, to analyze and understand how the functions of the service work.

Despite the complexity of the service we have proposed new solutions that simplify user interaction with the platform.

A total of 685 hours of our specialists were spent on the interface and website design. This project lasted eight months, from June 2020 to January 2021.


Project team

  • Artyom


  • Ekaterina


  • Ekaterina

    Project manager

  • Vladislav


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